A bit about me!

Hello, and welcome to my crazy little world. It really is quite a nice place to be when you get used to it.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Somewhere to write stuff down and to babble on about stuff on my mind but I’ve always been put off by the fact that nobody would read it or judge me on what they read! But then I thought, does it really matter if nobody does read it? And do I really care what people think? It is for me, and hopefully in the future something for my children (and maybe even grandchildren) to look back on.

So here goes….

…let’s start with a bit about me!

My name is Beth, but Lizi to some, and I recently turned the dreaded 3 0! I’ve been around a lot (over the country not in that way you dirty lot) but started out in London and have ended up settled in the Shire of Stafford. Not overly far from Alton Towers.

After kissing a few frogs, I finally found a prince when I wasn’t really looking on 5 February 2011. I made a fantastic decision that day to travel to Brighton to meet someone who has turned out to be my soul mate. We married exactly 364 days later (when you know it’s right you really know!) on 4 February 2012, during one of the worst snowy weekends that Staffordshire has seen for a long time. But hey, who else can say their wedding made the world service!

A bit sooner than expected, we found out that we would be adding to our little family. We found out we were expecting our little Spudly on March 24th and Eloise Amelia entered the world on 2nd December 2012 at 3:12am after what felt like forever. (I have since been told by numerous other people that I had an exceptionally easy time – but that is a story for another blog).

Since then, we have moved house (with a 3 week old baby at Christmas) and live our life day by day taking small steps along a big, but very wonderful, path!


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