And then there were 3…

Something I wanted to do was to get my birth story written down. Some of the other Mummies that I have made friends with have done the same and I think it will be lovely to remember in years to come and in a way, for others to read about. I know before I went in, I was so frightened because the only things you read are the horror stories. And do you know what, mine wasn’t!

However, it is quite a long story…
**get cup of tea/coffee/alternative beverage here**

To give you all a bit of background to my pregnancy, I was under the care of a lovely consultant at Queens Hospital Burton. During a routine 28 week growth scan, they noticed that Spudly (as she was at the time) was measuring quite a lot too little. The registrar that we saw was lovely but started talking about steroids injections and delivering baby early. It was rather frightening. 
What followed was a trip to Burton every week for alternate dopplers (checking blood flow in placenta) and growth scans to make sure she was ok. Every week we went with our hospital bag in the boot just in case. 
As it was, Spudly decided it was far too comfy in my tummy and stayed put until due date. The consultant said he would only let me go a week over so at the following Wednesday appointment we got an induction date for the Friday (30 November) at 7am!!
We organised ourselves and got to the hospital at 6:45 (very early and still dark). We went up to the ward and got our bed. After some routine checks, the induction began and the pessary administered. Then began a very long wait!! I was moved to the other ward due to an outbreak of D+V to a lovely 6 bed bay. Lots of walking around corridors ensued and Chris and I were pretty much left to our own devices. I met some lovely people on the ward and spent the day and evening chatting away. It was rather boring and not much was happening. 
I spent the night mainly awake (chatting to the lovely Lucy) and about 2 in the morning starting getting some really sharp pains in my back. Fantastic I thought, it’s starting. How blummin wrong I was. 
Chris arrived back about 8am and the pessary was removed not long after. I was then examined by what can only be described as NurseZilla who advised me in no uncertain terms was I in labour, my back was just sore and nothing was moving where it needed too. All I needed to do apparently was walk,  
The day was spent attempting to walk (not easy with the pains that were going on) and having a bath (which did provide some relief). I honestly don’t think I have ever been so clean!! 
Around 5pm a lovely midwife came to see me and she was so lovely. Nasty midwife earlier on had said that I would be examined the next morning (Sunday) and if nothing had moved I would need a section (something I was desperate to avoid). She said to try the Swiss Ball for at least 30mins per hour. So we got bouncing. We bounced, we spelled words, we did sums, we did everything we could to try and get spud on the move. At around 8:30, Kat (nice midwife) came back and said let’s have a check. She examined me and I was about 1.5cm. She rang delivery who agreed to take me to break my waters. Believe me, that was possibly some of the happiest words I have ever heard. It felt like the golden ticket. I was still having the back pains but I practically bounced down that corridor. 
My waters were broken at 10:30pm. They gave me a while for the contractions to start but sadly they didn’t get going quickly enough so the drip went in. The rest, I’ll be honest, is slightly hazy. I was enjoying the delights of the entinox (gas and air) but it wasn’t taking the edge off so my Midwife suggested Meptid as I was desperate to avoid Pethidine or an epidural. The Meptid was great and I actually slept during contractions. Around 2am, they examined me and I was 7cm and they managed to turn E around as she was back to back (hence the back contractions during Saturday). Very quickly after that, I started to feel that need to push. And boy, I now understand when people say your body will take over. The midwife kept saying that I wasn’t ready, but I was. They examined me and I was 10cm. Finally I could start to have my baby. E had a smooth entry into the world and was born after 6 pushes at 3:12am with no damage to me. 
She was perfect. 7lbs 3oz of sheer perfection albeit with a slightly small head for her weight (thankfully) Burton were fantastic however I wish we could have had more skin to skin time. 
But I would do it all again tomorrow. It was worth every single minute of being in that hospital and the pain (which you really do forget after – in fact I don’t think I forgot…I just can’t remember!!) x

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