It’s the small things…

When I first found out I was going to be a Mummy, and when E was born and I first held that tiny baby,  I thought that I would have a baby baby for a long time. How wrong was I….

E is 9 months old today and I cannot believe how fast it has gone. My little baby is now her own little person, no so reliant on me, and amazes me every single day:
> She can now stand herself up without holding onto anything, just pushes up from the floor. She stands and balances for a few seconds (15 is the record) before she bumps back down
> She says “dada”, “gaga” and “mama” (the later only when upset or at 2am)
> She crawls so quickly that we spend half the day playing hide and seek
> She adores our cat and chases after her squealing Ca Ca Ca 
> She communicates in her own little way and points to things she wants, picks her toys
> When you say “bye-bye”, she waves
I know to most people these are just boring baby updates, but to me they are marvellous little milestones that make me realise she is growing so fast. 
There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think how lucky I am to have my little family. I feel so privileged that I didn’t have to go back to work so that I could enjoy all these little moments.  The proud smile when she has achieved something, the cheeky grin when she has opened a cupboard even though she knows she shouldn’t have done it. I feel that I have savoured all these moments but looking back, they seem to have gone so fast. 
9 months, it doesn’t seem 9 minutes in truth! But so many more exciting things to come in our next chapter…


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