It’s been a while

Hola blog world! 

Apologies, it has been a while. Life got a whole lot hectic round here so I thought I would briefly fill you all in. 
September has gone by in a complete blur. We were really lucky to get a new house that we have absolutely fallen in love with and it is making such a lovely family home for us. 
In with the normal day to day jobs, packing became an almost daily activity. Let me tell you, packing up a house with a 9 month old inquisitive baby is no easy task. For every 1 thing we put in a box, she took 2 out! However we are now moved, unpacked and accepting visitors (who bring wine and cake!)
Other stuff – E is doing really well. She still amazes me every day. September saw not only her first steps and her first rugby match but her first tooth and she just loves life. She spends lost of her time smiling or laughing. She ‘passed’ her 9 month check with flying colours however sleep is proving tough sometimes! 
October has seen another 2 teeth and she walks all over the place. She grows in confidence every day. 
Chris is still Chris. My wonderful husband who puts up with me on a daily basis. Hopefully soon we’ll get an answer to what is going on with him. Although everyday we take a step in the right direction. 
And me – well, I’ll let you know when I get 5 minutes 🙂 

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