Trigger 3 Teeth

Ellie’s new gangster nickname. 

Last week saw Ellie’s 3rd tooth start to break the gum but also a visit to the doctors.
When E was born, she had a clicky thumb, just like Mummy. The top of her thumb could over extend and she would often click it back into place whilst holding into toys etc. Whilst Daddy thought that this was pretty grim, I didn’t think anything of it as both of my thumbs do the same thing. I just thought it was something ‘inherited’ 
However, last week, we noticed that it had stuck in a bent position and no amount of trying would shift it. So off we trotted to the doctors. 
E has trigger finger. Our doctor has never seen it in someone so little but we have found that you can be born with it – hence the clicking of the joint when she was diddly. 
So now we are waiting to be referred to the Paed Orthopedic team to see what can be done! 

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