E’s First Birthday

E turned 1 on 2nd December and I honestly can’t believe where a whole year has gone. As I write this, nearly 2 months after the event, I’m 4 months pregnant with Baby Flash v2.0 and apart from being a little daunted at the thought of two little people to look after, I couldn’t be happier. 

This tiny little bundle that turned our world upside down in the most brilliant way…

Has turned into the sweetness and most loving little girl. She literally lights up my world every single day. Although it isn’t without it’s challenges 
E had 2 birthday parties. 1 for her family on the day before her birthday and 1 for her friends. Looking back, I think I would have done it differently as it was rather overwhelming for her, but she seemed to enjoy it. She had lots of wonderful gifts. So many toys we can now open our own branch of Toys R Us (other retailers also available!) but it was lovely to see the look on her little face with all the paper and the oohs of excitement. 
And so here’s to the next year flying by. At her next birthday, she’ll be a big sister! 


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