Family time

It’s been a difficult 2 months in the Flash household for many reasons but mainly due to Mr Flash not being very well. 

Whilst January saw hospital stays and lack of diagnosis, February seems to have seen a slight improvement and we’ve been able to spend some lovely family time together. 
The weather has hampered us. I never realised how difficult it would be to entertain a 14 month old in the rain. You run out of ideas very quickly sometimes and toys become very boring very quickly. However we have managed to have some lovely days out. 
Family fun doesn’t need to cost the earth, or even anything at all. We are lucky where we live as there is lots of park and open space! We’ve had some lovely time at the park on the swings and see-saw

We’ve been to feed the ducks at the local lake and had fun splashing in the muddy puddles. A bit too much fun sometimes but there is nothing wrong with a bit of dirt. 

I love spending time as a family and making those special memories. We’ll always be able to tell E about the time she jumped too hard and fell into the puddle. 
Nobody can ever take memories like that away and they cost nothing to make! 

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