Half way there..

Today marks the 20 week mark and our 20 week scan. 

I always get nervous before scans, especially as I’ve not been feeling a vast amount of movement yet. I’ve got no reason to think that anything should be wrong, but regardless I’ll still worry about it!! 
I love our hospital (Queens, Burton) and it’s so nice to see a lot of the same staff who we got to know so well during our weekly visits with E. The same sonographer we used to see scanned us today and it was so lovely. 
All went well. Baby Flash v2.0 is growing very well, measuring up well and has all the right bits in all the right places. It’s so comforting to see that tiny heart beating so well (even now only about the size of a thumb nail!!!) 

So here is our little bubba sucking a little thumb. 
I’m hoping now that we are half way through that 2nd trimester glow will kick in, the spots will disappear, I’ll get some more energy (even just a tiny bit would help) and the sickness will disappear. 
Here is to another healthy 20 weeks (or there abouts). Any chance it can not go as fast as the last 20???

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