Is it really a mothers choice?

It’s been a busy week of antenatal appointments here in the Flash household. 

GTT on Tuesday was boring, uneventful and came back clear. 
However yesterday’s growth scan was another story. On the positive side, Russel the Brussel is growing well and has all the right bits and pieces where they should be. 
Is yet again measuring small! 
E was small. She was born on the 6th centile at a healthy and perfectly normal 7lb 3oz. RtB is also it appears going the same way. 
What really bloody annoys me is that because I have a slightly raised BMI, they seem to be expecting me to give birth to the Michelin boy/girl. Just because I don’t fit into their computer generated lines then it’s all not ok. 
I now have what the consultant has labeled a ‘high risk pregnancy’ despite having an exceptionally good, natural pregnancy, labour and delivery last time. 
They have also taken away my choice to have a waterbirth as baby is small and I am bigger. And that’s what leads me to ask ‘Is it really a mother’s choice?’ 
YES – I understand there needs to be guidelines
YES – I understand the health of my unborn child is paramount
WHY can they not see the person behind the piece of paper? 
WHY can they not understand that slightly larger people have feelings and needs too? 
WHY does it all have to be about what boxes you fit in and the associated label. 
So what does the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy hold? 
Weekly visits to the hospital for growth scans and monitoring
Never knowing if this week will be the week our baby is born 
And more worry than is needed when it will probably be the same as E and all ok. 
It would be interesting to hear if anyone else had had similar experiences. 

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