E’s first holiday

Taken me a while to write this post but I wanted to share E’s first holiday. 

We had the most wonderful holiday together. We set off on 21st April in convoy (we went with my Mum, Step-Dad and Grandparents) to Talacre in North Wales. E was fab on the journey and slept most of the way which was a result. 
We had a lovely cabin for 8 people (although realistically 6 was pushing it) which was immaculately clean and a really lovely base. The hot tub was lovely too (ssssh, don’t tell the midwife!!!)

Monday was spent travelling but on Tuesday we visited Abakhan Material and craft outlet. It is a crafters heaven (good job I’d left the credit card at home). I was so impressed with the staff. They were doing a craft activity for children in the cafe & E was just desperate to join in. The girls were so patient with her and, with a bit of help from Mummy, helped her to make a decopatch dog. The activity was completely free and E really enjoyed it for a good 20 minutes or so! 

Wednesday saw a trip to the seaside at Rhyl. As it is still fairly off season it was rather quite and sadly the weather didn’t allow us down into the beach for a sandcastle building session but it was lovely all the same. E spent most of the time taking Grandad for a walk. 

Thursday saw us visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo. It was a good day out for the money however I was surprised at the small size of the enclosures and the behaviours of some of the animals. E loved it. Especially the penguin parade and the chimps. She also surprisingly loved the Turtles and has spent most of the time since we got back saying “turtle”. By far her new favourite word! The only problem was, as it says on the tin, it is a mountain zoo and some of the banks were a nightmare with the pushchair! 

Friday was home day. It was sad to come home as we had has such a lovely time. Even down to sitting together in the evenings for a game of scrabble. Something we never have time to do at home. 
The week wasn’t without it’s trials. E hardly slept at all but somehow kept going, with far more energy than most of the adults! 
We’d definitely go away again & I was so pleased that we had a little family holiday before Brussell joins the party. 
I made E a scrapbook of her holiday, something we always did when we were little and I’d always encourage our children to do. It is a lovely reminder of her holiday with little things to remember it by, tickets to the zoo etc
Here’s to the next family holiday! 

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