A lovely weekend

It is so nice to see the sun. It is amazing how that massive round ball of gas & warmth in the sky can make you feel so much better. 

We also had Chris’ Mum and Dad up to visit this weekend. We don’t get to see them very often as they live on the South Coast (exactly 211 miles away door to door – a journey C & I used to alternate every other weekend in the early days) and so it is lovely when we get to see them and spend some lovely quality time together (and definitely helped by the sun). 
Friday evening was fairly relaxed as the didn’t arrive until just after 4. A couple of drinks in the garden before E went to bed and then some dinner. 
Saturday however was a simply wonderful day. The sun was beating down and it was glorious. We picked them up and had a mooch around Trentham Gardens before heading up ‘into the hills’ for lunch. 
We visited a little tearooms on The Roaches for lunch and ate al fresco with the most stunning views out over the countryside and Tittesworth. 

The food was pretty damn yummy too

My yummy roast beef sandwich

We headed home for a barbecue after that & E enjoyed some cooling down time in the paddling pool – leaving little trails wherever she went!

Sunday was another cracking day, despite the threat of rain. However, much excitement on E’s part had led to not a lot of sleep over the weekend so we needed a real routine day to try and reset her. I went to fetch D&A whilst Chris stayed home and E had a decent 2hr nap. 

After a lovely light lunch we all headed up to the park to enjoy the sunshine and swings. 

“Push faster Grandad Flash”

And then it would have been rude not to head for an ice-cream wouldn’t it?! 

It was really sad to take Chris to work this morning and for D&A to be heading home. Next time they visit there will be 2 grandchildren – and probably some more grey hairs on me!! 


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