Happy Birthday Mr F

Tuesday this week saw Mr Flash’s birthday. 

Birthdays have always been a day that I try to make really special, even in just a small way. I try to plan lovely little activities, make sure there are lots of little presents to open in the morning, and that we can go to bed at the end of the day thinking ‘that was really special’.
However this year, and I don’t know if it is to do with everything that is going on, but it seems to have creeped up on me a bit and I wasn’t in the least bit organised. So much so, I didn’t even go present (or cake ingredient) shopping until Monday! 
Monday was a mad busy day. Buying presents, wrapping presents (whilst our darling little munchkin tried to unwrap them) and making cake. It didn’t have the best of starts (it wouldn’t bloody rise!!) but I was really happy with the end result! 

Tuesday morning we both woke up early and waited for E to wake up to open presents. It was so lovely sitting in bed as a family doing this together and E loved tearing the paper! 

We popped over to Mum’s for coffee and some more present opening and then headed over to our local Harvester for lunch. It was a real shame that what is normally a really nice place to eat was so poor today. You know when you just want things to be special however my two number 1 people seemed to enjoy it! 

We then toddled off to spend Mr F’s birthday vouchers on a couple of bits that he wanted before heading home for birthday cake!! 

It wasn’t a standard birthday in the Flash Household but we did our best and Mr F enjoyed it which is what matters. 
Are there any birthday traditions in your house? 

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