We survived

Yesterday (Tuesday) was our first day as a threesome when daddy went back to work. 

I was dreading it! A toddler and an 11 day old baby. How on earth was I going to do it? To divide my time fairly between the two knowing that G can’t wait if she needs feeding and would E understand that I needed to put G first, especially as she is so used to having all of my attention. I honestly thought I would end up like this: 
However, we did ok. Infact, no. We didn’t just do ok. We did it well! We even managed to do washing! Everyone got fed, watered and there was a production line of nappy changing. 
We ventured downstairs before Daddy left all dressed and ready to go. The morning was spent waiting in for the health visitor (about which there will be a seperate post). E had a nap when she finally left whilst I fed G and managed to get some lunch of my own (I was very impressed I managed to eat!). The afternoon was spent playing, a bit of playdoh, playing shops and reading books. Was very impressed with E who is getting so much better at words now. Yesterday she did:
Tree, car, shoe and dog. 
Am so proud of how her speech is coming along.  
Chris got home about 5 but then had to head back out for a hospital appointment. Meltdown followed. Bedtime was a slight nightmare as all E wanted was Daddy and G was unsettled but E finally resigned herself to Mummy putting her to bed which made life much easier. 
So all in all a good day and a day which proved to me that I can do it. It probably won’t always be as good as yesterday, but it was a good start! 

2 thoughts on “We survived

  1. Well done! I was worried about how I'd manage with two to begin with but its just getting into a new routine. Some days are easier than others, its just riding out the not-so-easy-days! x


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