Could you give someone a second chance?

This week is National Transplant Week.
Organ donation is a very sensitive subject. However for me, it is a subject that very much needs discussing.
Because it’s a subject that is very close to my heart.
Nearly 16 years ago (God I feel old saying that), my Dad was lucky enough to be given a second chance by a family saying yes.
I cannot even begin to imagine what that family must have been going through, but their willingness to donate their loved ones organs meant my Dad is still with us today.
At the moment, the UK has an ‘opt-in’ scheme to organ donation. You sign up to the register, you can carry a card, it’s even on your driving licence form.
But just because you signed up, doesn’t mean your organs will automatically be donated in the event of your death and it could come as a shock to your family if they don’t know. It is SO important to talk to your loved ones and make sure that they know your wishes, and in turn, you know theirs!
There are also things you can do as a ‘living donor’. Do something amazing 3 times a year and give blood. Sign up to the bone marrow register. Let’s be honest, what is a pint of blood every few months when it could give someone their life back?
There are so many questions and myths surrounding organ donation after death and many of the answers can be found here :
As I write this, there are over 7000 people awaiting a transplant of some sort in the UK.
And only 32% of the UK population is registered as a donor.
(Statistics taken from 
So please, take time to at least think about it, read some of the information, talk to people and if you choose, register. It takes 2 minutes and can be done online. Or find out where and when your next local blood doning session is.
It might just give someone a second chance at life.

2 thoughts on “Could you give someone a second chance?

  1. I absolutely think that it should be an automatic opt out. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in the position of having to decide whether to donate a loved ones organs, especially if you haven't had that discussion with them.

    I'm glad your Dad had a second chance xx


  2. I'm with you Kate. I think it should be an opt out system.
    To me, if you would consider taking an organ for yourself or your child then you should be happy to donate yours.

    It is amazing to be able to give someone a second chance at life. My Dad certainly wouldn't be here now without it. xx


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