What Beans & Chips loved… (July 14)

I simply love this idea. A quick and easy way to look back and remember a few things that Beans and Chips loved this month.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up with the big things, we often forget the little moments that can bring so much happiness and make such wonderful memories.

Big thanks to Dinky Thinks for letting us link up and for the idea and to MumFirstDoctorSecond without whom I would never have seen the initial post!

What Beans loved this month…

What Beans loved

  1. Eating yummy ice-cream at Harvester with Mummy, Daddy and Chips (Mummy made her share)
  2. Sprinkler and shadow chasing fun in the sunshine with Great-Grandad Jim
  3. Cuddles with Chips. It’s lovely to watch their relationship grow
  4. Playing in the tree house in the garden and mastering the slide
  5. Dressing herself in the morning. The girl has got style!

What Chips loved…

What Chips loved

  1. Sunshine walks to feed the ducks
  2. Finally fitting into her bouncy chair
  3. Being sound asleep thanks to the magic gaviscon
  4. Little and big sister cuddles
  5. Special surprise Auntie Katy Godmother cuddles.

4 thoughts on “What Beans & Chips loved… (July 14)

    • Thank you. I absolutely love it. You know when you are lucky enough to just capture the moment just at the right time! It’s wonderful to see the relationship they are building. E adores her!


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