A little bit of faith – part 2

A little while ago I wrote a post about Billy.

Things have calmed down a bit recently. For staters, G is here and is safe. However, life is not without it’s problems.

C finally has a diagnosis, that is a post for another time, and I worry about what the immediate future will hold for us.
And G, well she is more poor little refluxer. Add in a dose of constipation from the reflux meds and she can be one very unhappy little lady. Some nights she sleeps through (12-7) and others, like last night, she is awake every hour.

Billy hasn’t gone far. He tends to be up in the very corner of our bedroom but this morning he was sat with G. Just on the top of her Moses basket but he was there. And 2 minutes later she was sicker than I’ve ever seen.

So here he is, Meet Billy…




As I head off for my psych referral, which I am sure some of you reading this think I possibly need, just remember that no matter how bad it gets, there is always someone there.


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