Reflux – the medical word for utter shit

G has reflux.

From about 3 weeks old we realised there was something not quite right with lots of sickness, not much sleep and not increasing the amount of formula she was drinking.
Eventually, I took her to the doctors who agreed that it was probably reflux. So she was started on Gaviscon Infant. 1 sachet per 4oz bottle should solve the problem. And do you know what, for 4 days it did. She was calmer, there was slightly less sick and there was sleep!

But then it all started again. The sickness came back, the screaming when she was being fed, so back we went to the doctors again. Ranitidine was the answer this time. 8ml three times daily. Have you ever tried giving a 5 week old baby 8ml of fluid through a syringe? Believe me when I say it is bloody difficult. Not to mention the oral syrup (suspension – I’m sure this is the same thing) had to be specially made and ordered in.

Again, it seemed to work. Then we ran out. Ever tried getting a prescription at the weekend? I reckon it’s provably easier to score a line of heroin. I managed to get a repeat prescription from the doctor on Monday but G was still unsettled through the week.

So back to the GP we trekked again on Friday. It’s not easy when you are tired, trying to explain the problem to the GP and keep a toddler amused. Thankfully, the GP changed the ranitidine to a different formula (150mg/10ml) so now we only have to have 0.8ml. Much easier – but still no better. So C and I made a decision. We changed her milk to anti-reflux milk. It might be like custard but it seemed to work. She was far more settled Friday night and Saturday but yesterday she started being sicky again.

This morning I felt so sorry for her. She just can’t settle. She’s hungry. I feed her. She’s sick & empties her tummy. She’s hungry. I feed her. She’s sick and so on. It’s a vicious cycle. So off we go to the GP again.

The GP checked her over and apart from the fact she is screaming and being sick, I’ve been advised she is a well baby. Don’t get me wrong, this is great. But what is causing the sick and the crying. Why can’t she keep the milk down. The Doctor advised that she may be coming down with a viral bug and as long as we can stop the crying she is fine. Her other advice was to feed her little and often and that she has referred us to the Paediatric Hospital at home team for a visit later today.

So we are now stuck in a cycle of feed (1/2oz at a time), wind, sick, doze for 5 minutes, scream because we think out throat has been cut, feed…
It doesn’t make for an easy day. E cries when G cries and I’m permanently with G resulting in a bored and slightly neglected E.

But do you know what frustrates me the most. Through all of this, I’ve been asking about the best formula for G to be on. And I’ve had NO ADVICE. Because they are not supposed to promote formula feeding.
Well I think that’s BULLSHIT.

Not everybody can breastfeed. OK, I made the decision not too but not everybody can. What about them? Why should people who cannot feed their baby themselves not have access to a decent information service from their Health Visitors and GPs? I really do think that’s something that seriously needs looking at. I don’t know if it’s a county wide policy but it certainly is here.

And so we wait. The Paeds Team are coming between 4 and 6 so hopefully we shall have some more answers later. Wonder if they will fit me an IV for gin access…..


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