Hospital at Home – a reflux update

Monday, I wrote a post about the hideousness that is G’s reflux (you can catch it here if you missed it).

That afternoon, as promised, a Paediatric Nurse from the Community Hospital @ Home team called me. He asked how G was and that he would like to come out and see her between 4-6 to assess her and make sure she was ok.

He turned up around 5:45 and left at 6:50. All I can say is what a fantastic service. He was brilliant. He took the time to listen to me, to understand my concerns. He didn’t talk over me, he didn’t look at me like I was an overprotective Mum, he reassured me, he was brilliant.
He checked G over fully. Her O2 sats, pulse, blood pressure etc. He listened to her heart. He fed her and winded her and just took the time to care. He left advising that he would call in the morning to see how our night had been. And true to his word, he did. He discharged us, advising us to talk to the health visiting team about my worries.

And so I did. To be fair, the health visitor (who I normally think is pretty useless) was rather helpful. G has only put on 3oz this week and has dropped from the 25th to the 9th centile. Sadly, she cannot refer us to a Paediatrician as she hasn’t dropped enough yet!!! (Don’t even get me started…). She has advised if the problems continue to ask the GP for some dairy free formula and a referral to the Paediatric Team at the hospital.

So in the meantime we are feeding little and often, practically sitting up and winding lots. We are continuing with the medication and hopefully she will settle down soon.

It would be interesting to hear from anybody else who has been through this and any tips you may have!


At last my tiny little refluxer sleeps!


One thought on “Hospital at Home – a reflux update

  1. As you know, T also has reflux. As well as Gaviscon, we also use Colief which my Stepmum recommended (20+ years as a midwife) which helps to break down the lactose in milk as this can also cause some difficulties. For us this combination seems to have resolved some of the issues. We still have some difficulties, e.g. on a day when all she wants to do is guzzle, but nothing to the extent you’re experiencing. We have also started weaning early as I was told it often resolves itself as they start eating solids. She certainly seems a little more settled these days. Hopefully you can get some help soon, all I’d say is keep on pushing and pushing until its resolved and trust your instinct xx (Also sending bucket loads of virtual gin x)


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