What Beans and Chips loved…(August 2014)

It’s been a manic month this month but I’ve really been looking forward to linking up with Dinky Thinks and her feature “What Chiplet Loved”. 

What Beans loved this month…

  1. First day at Nursery
  2. Babychinos 
  3. Painting and learning about mixing colours
  4. Dressing up on play dates with Meya
  5. Lovely days out to the Zoo and Alton Towers
  6. Parcels and new clothes from Nanny Flash
  7. Cuddles and story time with Grandpa
What Chips loved this month…
  1. Cheeky cuddles in Beans’ big girl bed 
  2. Play dates with my birthday buddy Freya
  3. Relaxing in my swingy chair
  4. Cuddles with Aunty Jackie
  5. Meeting Aunty Sarah for the first time
  6. Special milky cuddles with Grandpa
It has been so difficult to pick just a few moment this month. It’s been a fab month with lots of visitors, lots of lovely days out and special memories made. 
So here is to next month and making more wonderful memories 😃
Dinky Thinks

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