1st day at nursery….done!

We’ve been ummimg and ahhing for ages about sending E to nursery. She’s a sociable little girl who loves to play and after a while (and with a newborn baby) there is only so much you can do at home. I knew one thing though. I didn’t want her going to nursery until she could communicate with me, telling me what she enjoyed and most importantly, if something bad had happened. 

And so a couple of weeks ago, after 2 particularly bad days where I felt like I had totally neglected her due to poor G’s hideous reflux, we took the plunge and went to have a look around. In true Pimms fashion, we just descended on them. Nothing like a surprise visit to see what a setting is really like. We met the Manager when we got there (who was working in the cubs room) and she showed us round. E dived straight into the toys and played with the other children. She even screamed when we had to leave. In that instance, I knew our decision was right. She needed this, and to be honest, so did I. I also knew we had picked the right nursery. 

And so, Tuesday 26th August 2014 was my big little girl’s first day at nursery. 

We had arranged to drop her off at 8:30 and pick her up at 12. We walked through the door and she was a bit unsure at first but soon settled and gravitated towards the breakfast table. After a bowl of cereals and a slice of toast, she moved over to lay in the ball pit and stacking blocks. She was so happy, we just snuck out. No point in making a scene. 

I got into the car and felt satisfied that she was ok. That I was going to have 3 Beans free (but busy) hours and that she was going to enjoy playing with some other children. 

Typically, I got stuck in the bank and so was 10 minutes late picking her up. When I got there, she was sat on a chair reading a book whilst all the other children were settling down for a nap. And I was mortified to see tears. Big massive big girl tears. I asked the staff what had happened – panic over, she was just annoyed she couldn’t have thirds do pudding (after having second of both main and pudding already)! That’s my girl. She had had a lovely morning, with just a few tears and had made us a lovely painting:

Thursday, was her second day. She went in happy as anything and dived straight into the ball pit as soon as I had taken her coat off. As I went to leave there were tears. Now, as a Mummy, you immediately want to run over a hug them away. However, I did something I never thought I’d be able to do. I walked away from my crying baby. She was safe, she was going to have a good time and the staff are fantastic. Going back would only have prolonged the problem and made it worse. I was amazed when I got back to the car that I wasn’t crying myself. 

I picked her up at 12 and she had had another fab morning (including 2 helpings each of spaghetti bolognese and jam sponge & custard). And there was another lovely picture to add to our collection:

And so I think our introduction to nursery was a success. I know she’s going to love it and it is going to do her the world of good. 

How did your little ones get on at Nursery for the first time? 


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