Keeping it Real : the contents of my handbag

This week, I’ve decided to link up with the lovely Kate at BeakUpCrafts in her lovely “keeping it real” series.

I think we are all slightly guilty of ‘glossing’ our social media presence slightly, especially when it comes to things like Instagram – so it’s so refreshing to see others keeping it real posts.

You can see Kate’s original article here

So here it is:

Firstly, my lovely handbag. It is a Fruit Tree bag by Disaster Designs and was a 30th birthday present from my Brother and Sister-in-Law


And here is the current contents (minus my phone which I was taking the picture on)


  1. Pencil case full of colouring pencils and crayons
  2. Letter waiting to be posted
  3. Notebook for grown ups
  4. Baby wipes
  5. A tape measure
  6. Notebook for small people to colour in
  7. My purse
  8. Today’s tablets
  9. Packet of tissues
  10. Plastic spoon
  11. Cherry Chapstick
  12. Car keys
  13. A spare dummy
  14. Packet of polo mints
  15. G’s red book following her injections today
  16. Stamps – that I collect for Count the Kicks 
On top of all this crap, I also carry a changing bag and E has her own rucksack. We normally carry as much stuff as a small family take to Spain for a week!!
So there you have it – what’s in your handbag? Do you dare to share?!! 

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