What Beans and Chips loved (September 2014)

It has been a really difficult month this month – you can read about in ‘It’s farewell, not goodbye’  if you wish. 

Because of this, I’ve not spent anywhere near as much time with my girls as I would normally. We have however still found lots of happy things to do in between events. 

What Beans loved…

  1. Soft play fun – she even braved the massive slide all by herself.
  2. Playing with dolly.
  3. Building soil sandcastles like Andad taught her.
  4. Watering the flowers. 
  5. Dinners out and pulling silly faces with Mummy!
What Chips loved…
  1. Snuggles
  2. Turning 3 months old
  3. Giggles and smiles
  4. Cuddles with Aunty Katy
  5. Tummy time 
Here’s to October and a FAR better month! 
Dinky Thinks

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