It’s the little things…

Things have been a bit of a struggle in the Flash house recently for numerous reasons. This has resulted in me having my head up my bum for most of the time, or feeling exceptionally foggy as I like to think of it.

With the start of Autumn, I often feel my mood changes. Not in a bad way, I’m just a sun worshipper. Life always seems so much easier in Summer, when (not very often in England to be fair) you wake up and the sun streams through the window. I do however love autumn. Nothing is better than going for a walk with the sun shining and it’s freezing cold, kicking the leaves.

Anyway, I digress. Anyone who knows me in the real world has probably often heard me say “we need to find a new normal”. There has been lots of events over the last few weeks that have meant this phrase has been said more times than I would like. But a new normal we are trying to find.

Mr F is home with us at the minute and it’s been so lovely to have some quality family time together. And it just makes you realise, it’s not the big things that matter. It’s spending time together.

It’s sitting drawing together even though you don’t know what on earth it is and it certainly doesn’t look like a cat.
It’s the dancing to songs and listening to her sing along, totally out of tune.
It’s listening to her learning all of her words and stringing sentences together.
It’s spending the delightful moments feeding the ducks, collecting pooh sticks, picking up leaves to make autumn pictures.

And none of the above cost anything (apart from coffee and cake after pooh sticks). However, they will be the wonderful memories we have going forward.


And so autumn shall continue into winter and we shall carry on trying to find our new normal. I know the path will be bumpy, but we shall all do it together a small step at a time.


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