Personalised letters from Santa – Part 2 (Review)

Earlier on this week, a very special parcel arrived on our doorstep. And as I opened the envelope, I felt a little spark of magic. For inside, was the most beautiful letters from Santa I think I’ve seen!

The magic starts when the envelope lands on the doorstep. It’s not just an envelope, it’s an envelope that looks like it could really have come from Santa himself, far away in his magical land.

Each letter is addressed to the individual child and sealed with a special seal. I can just sense older children being so excited by it and can’t wait to give Beans hers a bit nearer Christmas.


E’s letter tells her all about how Mrs Claus has been getting Santa ready for his big trip and that he has checked his map. His reindeers are all ready for the long trip and that they loved the cookies, milk and carrots we left out last year. He tells her that he is proud of her for becoming a good big sister this year and gives her an idea of what she may be getting for Christmas.

In her envelope she also has a lovely certificate saying she is on the Nice Child list and also a brilliant activity pack which is going straight in our Christmas Eve Treat Box for our special activities on Christmas Eve.


G’s letter is just as magical, detailing the magic about the first Christmas and that Santa has checked where our house is and knows where to find her.

To an adult having put the information into the form online, these letters may not seem as magic. But to a small child, I imagine they will find it magic that Santa remembered what was left out for them and that they did something extra special this year. That Santa really can see what they have been getting up to!

And so to sum it up, I simply love these letters and they have really ignited the magic of Christmas for me this year. Get yours quickly!

Santa is starting to write these letters now and they will be despatched by the magic of Royal Mail (with an extra sprinkle of fairy dust) from December 1st 2014. You can purchase yours at Lapland mailroom

I was sent these letters free of charge for the purpose of this review. All images are my own. Any thoughts expressed in this blog are mine and have not been influenced in any way.


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