What Beans and Chips loved… (October 14)

I love this time of the month when we link up with the lovely Dinky Thinks looking back over the month.

After such a hard month in September, we’ve tried really hard to do lots of fun and normal things with the girls and do you know what, it’s been a brilliant month. I have cried and laughed and smiled so much and will have so many memories. So here goes

What Beans loved


(from top left)

  1. Feeding Mr Bloom’s Veggies at CBeebies Land @ Alton Towers
  2. Making chocolate cookies with Aunty Gem and licking the spoon
  3. Making sandcastles at Trentham Gardens
  4. Riding a motorbike at Trentham Gardens
  5. Autumn walks with friends collecting leaves to make pictures
  6. Playing poohsticks with my friend Harriet
  7. A fantastic day at Alton Towers with my friend Dakota and her lovely family
  8. Getting a new bag for nursery
  9. Talking on the phone to Yiayia like a big girl
  10. Hitching a lift in Chips’ car seat when my legs got tired
  11. Sitting in the washing basket just for fun
  12. Making autumn pictures with our leaves
  13. Trying on some warm winter earmuffs
  14. Making our own croissants for breakfast

She really has had the most wonderful month. It was so difficult to limit it to just this many!

What Chips loved


  1. Getting the all clear from my hip appointment
  2. My first toast
  3. Chewing on Sophie Giraffe as my gums hurt
  4. Autumn Walks
  5. My first rice
  6. Going to a drive in my little car
  7. Rusks!!! (Mummy enjoyed it more than I did to be honest)


Dinky Thinks

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