Chips: 6 month update

Darling George,

Wow – today is your 6 month birthday of my baby and I cannot believe how fast it has gone.

It was pretty much this time (7:25am) 6 months ago that a doctor came to examine me & decided that after 2 days of contractions, they would just about be able to break my waters (with a lot of gas and air – it wasn’t easy). Happy Birthday to me indeed, I was going to get my little girl.

The last 6 months have been full of ups and downs and some terribly sad times but you have brightened our world no end and made our little family complete. You bring us happiness and a smile every single day.

You are finally starting to put some weight on now & have finally doubled your birth weight. You are loving your proper food and enjoy 3 meals a day plus your milk. Your reflux is finally starting to get a bit better and the thicker food doesn’t make you anywhere near as sick.

You are such a happy little smiley lady. One of my favourite times of day is getting up with you in the morning and seeing your first smiles (often accompanied by your big sister). You and Ellie are already such good friends. You have lots of kisses and cuddles & she helps Mummy and Daddy look after you. She adores you, as you do her and it’s so lovely to see!

You are so close to sitting up by yourself but just can’t quite get that last bit of balance. I’m sure it won’t be long though and you are already trying to slide about on your tummy. You spend lots of time giggling and chatting away. You especially like playing peek-a-boo and when Daddy gives you millions of kisses.

Happy 1/2 birthday sweetheart. Thank you for an amazing 6 months. Love you xxx


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