Big Fat Review of the Year 2014

There is less than 3 hours to go of 2014. 

This year hasseen some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I cannot even begin to put into words some of the things we have been through this year (which is a bit pointless when WRITING a blog) but I do know that as a family we got through them all together. 

We were blessed enough to welcome Georgia into our family this year, to complete our jigsaw. Her arrival wasn’t without its complications, but she arrived safely on my birthday. We also, suddenly and with no warning at all, lost a man who meant so much to me. Even now, I cannot believe (and don’t want to believe) that my wonderful step-dad is no longer with us. No more phone calls telling me he got me a bargain in B&Q, no more visits telling me what he has purchased for ‘stock’ (if you know anyone who wants an electric garage door mechanism then please do let me know) but most of all, no more laughs, no more cuddles and no more lovely memories to be made with him. 

It’s been a bloody tough year. There is a saying that God only throws as much as you as he thinks you can cope with. He must think we have bloody broad shoulders, that’s all a I can say. 

So I shall leave you with some pictures. There have been MANY happy memories, and I am sure that 2015 will hold many more. 

Good wishes to you all, and may 2015 be whatever you want it to be. But take the time to tell the people you love that you love them. You never know when they may be taken away! 


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