Word of the Week – 02.01.15

This year, as a new feature to the blog, I have decided to link up with the lovely Jocelyn @ReadingRes with her Word of the Week linky.

From what I can gather, it’s quite a simple process. You pick a word that sums up your week. Sounds simple enough to me, so here goes….

My word this week is



I always find this week a funny one. It’s a lull between Christmas and New Year. You are so full from all the lovely grub of the Christmas Period that all you really crave is salad and vegetables, yet at the same time the house is still full of tubs of chocolates and those hideously moreish cheese savouries!!

We’ve been lucky to have Chris home this week which has been lovely – and a massive help when trying to find new homes for all of the toys that the girls have been lucky to receive over Christmas (and from Beans’ birthday). Tuesday therefore, saw a trip to IKEA to buy suitable storage solutions. I do love a day at IKEA (yes, we do tend to go for the day!)

My grandma isn’t too well at the moment so I’ve made them some dinners for the freezer and been over and visited to help my Mum out a bit. The only other job I want to do is to sort Chips’ clothes out. The 3-6month stuff will get donated to our local refuge and then the 6-9 placed in the wardrobe.

And then, the place will feel much more organised.

So there it is! Our first link up and #wotw. I wonder what next week will bring….


The Reading Residence
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13 thoughts on “Word of the Week – 02.01.15

  1. I am so with you! I am sat here next to my Ikea shopping list and as soon as payday hits the children’s bedrooms will have some fab storage! Hope your life feels better already!!


    • Oh it certainly does. We went for the Kallax (a bargain at £45) and got some funky fabric storage boxes. The kids love it. Although Beans sits in the squares! Enjoy your trip when payday comes! 😃


  2. Organised is a good word for the start of the year – we are in the process of trying to get organised at the moment too (and I know what you mean about a day at IKEA!) Hope your Grandma gets well soon.


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