Dear Beans…

Dearest EllieBeans,

You’re 2! A big whole 2 and Mummy can’t quite believe where the time has gone. It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since we met you for the first time, never mind 2 years.

And what a 2 years it has been. You are growing into the most lovely little girl and you make us all smile and laugh every single day.

This last year, you became a big sister to Chips. She loves you so much and you are a lovely big sister. You help us with her and when you play with her, you really know how to make her laugh. It’s lovely to watch your relationship grow. I just know you are going to be brilliant friends when you are bigger.

You are really speaking now and talking well (and all the time). It’s lovely to be able to have conversations with you, and we do have some funny ones. You know how to express your feelings and can tell us what you want and if you are poorly. And one thing I will say, you certainly know your own mind Beans.

You got to Nursery 2 days a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday and you love going. You have so much fun when you are there and often bring back things to put on our art wall. You eat them out of house and home, just like you do here. You are such a sociable little lady and love playing with your friends.

We had a rough year this year but you helped us through. You made us smile and laugh when we wanted to cry. It’s wonderful having you around and we have so much fun. We do lots of colouring in, jigsaws and playing outside.

So here’s your stats for this year, on your second birthday:

Height: 93cm
Weight: 28lb 13oz
Favourite Toy: Farley
Favourite activity: Playing outside
Favourite TV Programme: Bing!
Best Friend: Esme and Layla
Holidays: Talacre

Some facts on your 2nd Birthday:

A pint of milk cost 45p
A loaf of bread cost £1.25
The prime minister was David Cameron
Number one in the music charts was Union J – You Got It


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