#MyCapturedMoment – 2/52

It’s been a lovely week this week and I’ve really looked forward to putting this post together. This weeks link up with the lovely Running in Lavender was an easy one. 

This week has had so many of those lovely moments that make you feel warm on the inside. There’s been lovely sisterly moments and lovely fantastic family times. Winter walks in the cold winter sun and warm moments at home. It’s been a tough week in some aspects but in others it’s been truly perfect. 

Throwback Captured Moment

I was around about 3 when this photo was taken. It’s a photo that I love as it brings back such lovely memories. It was my first school photo if you like and was taken at nursery. There is another photo with my Mum, taken about am hour earlier. She was a teacher at the same school where I went to nursery. And in that photo, I am in floods of tears, petrified of the whole set up. What should have been a lovely photo, is my sat with puffy red eyes and tear stained cheeks, yet this one is of a happy smiley little girl. You wouldn’t even believe it was the same little girl really!

1st Nursery Photo (Aged 3ish – 1986)


Running in Lavender

Previous Captured moments:



7 thoughts on “#MyCapturedMoment – 2/52

  1. Love that first picture of your girls smiling at each other. It’s great when you can catch those perfect moments on your camera. I always feel really chuffed when I manage to get one of those!! Also fab story behind your vintage captured moment. I must dig out an old one of me for next week.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xxxx


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