#MyCapturedMoment – 3/52

My Captured Moment – a lovely linky created and hosted by the lovely Heledd at Running in Lavender where you link up some of your favourite photo moments. 

So often in this digital age, photos get stored on cameras, computers and tiny little cards and so many of those magical moments get forgotten. 

This week has been another manic week and I cannot believe it is already Thursday and time to write this weekly blog again. 

Concentrating hard on making Tiger

Helping Mummy. Licking saves washing up!


Throwback Captured Moment 

I don’t remember this photo being taken. It’s me and my Grandad, I was probably around 2ish and it was taken in their back garden in Kent. All k do know about it, is I love this photo…lots! 




Running in Lavender

5 thoughts on “#MyCapturedMoment – 3/52

  1. I love your #MyCapturedMoment posts Beth! I always look forward to it because I know I’ll get a mix of the old and new. That picture of you with your granddad is so lovely, you both look so happy and I love the vintage quality to it. Also, I absolutely agree with your little one licking totally saves on the washing up! he he he…

    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment again xxxx


    • Awww that’s such a lovely thing to say. Thank you. I love putting them together. It’s so nice to find those lovely old photos.
      Licking the spoon is the best bit, lets be honest!! Looking forward to next week already xxx


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