Word of the Week – 4/52

This week’s word simply has to be:

I simply cannot believe that it is already Sunday night again. I’m not really sure where the week has gone to be honest. And sitting down, I cannot even think what we’ve done (sign it’s gone far too quickly) 

Monday saw a long overdue catch up with a lovely friend before a fab afternoon at a new Baby Group. I’ve been a bit reluctant with baby groups since Chips was born, for numerous different reasons. But it was fab. Beans really enjoyed Jo Jingles and Chips seemed to as well. 

E went to Nursery on Tuesday but she didn’t end up going on Wednesday due to the snow. There wasn’t a vast amount but we struggled get off the estate and it was so cold we had a lovely jama day instead. 

Thursday I headed over to see Grandma at hospital as we were supposed to be seeing the doctor but he cancelled. She’s still very confused bless her but seems to have been a bit brighter for the last couple of days. It’s so horrible to see her like this though. Fingers crossed she perks up a bit more this week. 

Friday, we went out for lunch and then went to run off some toddler steam at one of our local soft plays. It was so good for her to have a good run around. We had a lovely day on Saturday over at Trentham Gardens, having an annual pass is so nice. Thank you Santa! And today has been all about tidying up and a Sunday roast. 

I think I might try and take next week in a slightly slower gear, but I doubt it will happen!

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