What Beans and Chips loved….(January 2015)

It’s that time of the month again where I sit back and look over what the girls have loved doing this month. I can’t believe it is already the end of January. 

This year, I thought that I would spruce it up a bit and do a summary of what the girls have been up to during the month as well. I wanted to keep a diary for each of them but i know full well that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it so thought I would include it in here! 

So here goes….

What Beans loved…

Beans has had a fab month. After we got over all of the excitement of Christmas (and found homes for all of the new toys) she’s had a fab time playing with them all. She is getting so good at imaginary play now and enjoys playing on her own. It’s lovely to sit and watch her playing with the Peppa Pig sets she got for Christmas, making them do different things (her favourite is making them go to the coffee shop). She enjoys playing dinosaurs and shops but still adores anything crafty and colouring in related. She adores reading and has now started to read us her favourite stories from the pictures on the page, telling us what is going on! 

Her language is coming on so well and she now speaks in full constructed sentences the majority of the time. It’s wonderful to be able to have conversations with her, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t make me laugh. She’s enjoyed lots of play dates this month, and has recently started going to Jo Jingles at our local children’s centre which she loves. She very much enjoyed the snow we had too. As we managed to get 2 year funding for her she is now going to nursery 3 days a week and she absolutely loves it. She’s developed so much since going, and it is so lovely that she enjoys going and has some little friends (but only boyfriends apparently!!)

So here are just a select few of Beans’ moments this month:

  1. Her cycle helmet from Bumpar and Grandma Viv
  2. Developing her own sense of style…onesie, sunnies and a winter hat. Spot on!
  3. Candle-lit baths (until we replaced the light bulb that is!)
  4. Sewing and making her Mister Maker tiger puppet from Santa
  5. Lovely winter walks at Trentham Gardens
  6. Her new winter hat (the only hat in 2 years she will keep on apart from her cycle helmet)
  7. Hot Chocolates. Her all time favourite thing, this month!! 
What Chips loved…
Chips. My little Chips is now a massive 7 months old. I can’t believe how fast it is going. Before I know it we’ll be planning her first birthday (and my 32nd). She is so close to sitting up but still has that slight imbalance. She is such a little dinker and has only just passed the 15lb mark. Unlike Beans who had plenty of weight to stabilise her, but she’ll get there. She is however, phenomenally frustrated that she cannot move. She rolls front-back and back-front now but gets majorly frustrate when she can’t reach something. It is so lovely to see her relationship blossom with Beans. They adore each other, and Beans can comfort her so easily. She’ll be sobbing her heart out, and one look and word from her sister turns tears to giggles. 

Our biggest milestone this month has been food. Because of her reflux, we started to wean her early but this month we discovered meat and lumps. And boy is she loving it. I’ve been wonderfully organised and have a freezer drawer full of small Chips size portions of lots of yummy carbohydrate bases and ‘proper’ food. One of her big favourites is fish pie! 

So here are Chips’ moments of the month:


  1. Biscuits at Mummy and Daddy’s favourite coffee shop
  2. Cheeky smiles whilst wrapped up warm on winter walks
  3. Cuddles with Aunty Alyx
  4. Banana!
  5. Sitting in a big girl trolley seat for the first time
  6. Just chilling on my flower
  7. Helping Mummy licking the big spoon clean
And so there you have it. January……done! 
What have you all enjoyed this month? 
What Beans and Chips loved is a monthly link up with the lovely Dinky Thinks and her main feature “what Chiplet loved…” 
Dinky Thinks

3 thoughts on “What Beans and Chips loved….(January 2015)

  1. Oh what a month you have had. Beans must be coming on leaps and bounds with 3 days at nursery! and so glad Chips is loving the lumps… Chiplet was always a bit tricky with lumps and meat – but we persevered and he is pretty good with food now. Having said that he currently won’t eat potatoes! Thank you for linking up again!


    • Thanks for your lovely comment.
      She really is coming on so much. Frightening how quick the grow. We are doing ok with the lumps so far fingers crossed.
      Love that he won’t eat potatoes. How funny, but quite cute. Thanks for letting us link up again! xx


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