My Memories of Grandma

My memories of grandma
There really are a few
So are you sitting comfortably?
Probably not, it is a pew!

My grandma she was always there
For good times and for bad
But this is a time for happy thoughts
It’s no time to be sad

I remember countless stories
From her adventures through the war
I hold the Farley carvings in the wall
In a special memory store

There were so many holidays
To dalacres in Kent
Sandcastles down upon the beach
As grandad came and went

I remember eating breakfast
Watching elephants on the hill
And listening to the lions roar
When all was calm and still

There was the story of the lambs
She used to tell us in the car
It’s impossible to tell you
Cos it was always quite bizarre

It never ever was the same
She changed it every time
But I still smile at the memory
(And at least it helped me rhyme)

On another lovely holiday
I fell from the top bunk
And despite staying fast asleep
It did make quite a clunk

We finally got sorted
In the big bed I did go
But Grams could not stop laughing
Until Alyx told her no!

And when they moved to Denstone
It was so nice to have her near
She’d always have the kettle on and say
Have a piece of cake my dear

As I grew up, I’d just pop in
Whenever I was near
And she’d always be there with a smile
And a gentle listening ear

I remember quite a funny time
You see she was afraid of mice
Well I gave her a toy fluffy one
She jumped and screamed in fright

She saw me marry a lovely man,
And have her great-Grandaughter Ellie
Was there anyone she was fonder of,
No chance not on your Nellie

Ellie was joined by Georgia
She adored them both the same
They’ve got a special picture each
Of gubby in a frame

My dear old darling Gramsy
How we will miss you so
it won’t be the same without you
But We’ll meet again, I know

So now this rhyme has ended
It wasn’t smooth as silk
But now it’s time to have a brew
And remember, not much milk!


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