What Beans and Chips Loved…February 2015

It’s been another funny month here, as many of you will already know. But in that manic time, there has still been lots of lovely moments. 

Chips has now hit 8 months and she and Beans have really started to play and interact together. It’s lovely to hear them laughing together. 

So here we go….

What Beans loved…

  1. Reading time with Yiayia 
  2. Sleepy cuddles
  3. Playing with Chips
  4. Parcels from Nanny & Grandad Flash
  5. The chocolate fountain at the Chinese
  6. Driving the car. We went on a journey to the seaside and the shops
  7. Seeing Justin Live at CBebbies Land 

What Chips loved…

  1. Weaning is still fun. This was a prawn cracker 
  2. Going for rides in my new wheels
  3. Swings – these are a very exciting new concept
  4. Bathtime is far more fun now I can sit and splash 
  5. Yummy lunches
  6. Sitting up!! by myself!!! To play with my toys 
  7. Sophie Giraffe! She’s aces 

What Beans and Chips loved is a monthly feature based on the original What Chiplet Loved hosted by the lovely Rachel at Dinky Thinks. Head on over to her site and check out Chiplet’s adventures this month…

Dinky Thinks

4 thoughts on “What Beans and Chips Loved…February 2015

  1. travelingchristie says:

    Aw what cute little ones you have, and I just love how you have designed you collage it is lovely, my god daughter has sophie giraffe she loves it x

    Liked by 1 person

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