#MyCapturedMoment – 7/52

Sometimes, it’s hard to find words. It’s been the kind of week this week where  I’ve wanted to say a million words, yet haven’t been able to say them. 

So this week, this #mycapturedmoment is for 2 people who I wish I could have even 1 more moment with (although a million more wouldn’t be enough). This week marked the 6 month and 1 month anniversary of losing 2 special people. 

Just know, there isn’t an hour of the day that passes when I don’t think about either of you and I miss you both so very very much. 

#MyCapturedMoment is a lovely linky created and hosted by the lovely Heledd at Running in Lavender where you can link up some of your favourite photo moments. So often in this digital age, photos get stored on cameras, computers and tiny little cards and so many of those magical moments get forgotten. So this link is a lovely way of sharing and remembering some of those magic moments

Running in Lavender


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