#MyCapturedMoment – 9/52

It’s been another quick week over at the Flash house this week. I honestly do not know where time goes at the moment. 

In a nice change however, we have started to see a bit of spring sunshine which is nice. So we’ve taken lots of trips to the park. 

Beans and Chips have got such a lovely relationship now. It’s so sweet. They just adore each other. Beans has started asking to push Chips on the swing which is just beyond cute (and sometimes marginally dangerous).

Mum flew off on holiday this week for some much needed rest and relaxation. It’s going to be strange without her but she really needs the break. 

So here is a roundup of our week. 

My Throwback Captured Moment

Everyone loves a sandcar. Don’t they? 

Dymchurch Beach somewhere around 1988 I would have guessed. I have so many fantastic memories down on that beach and I wish that we lived closer as I would love to take the girls. Perhaps we will one day. Who knows. 

#MyCapturedMoment is a lovely linky created and hosted by the lovely Heledd at Running in Lavender where you can link up some of your favourite photo moments. So often in this digital age, photos get stored on cameras, computers and tiny little cards and so many of those magical moments get forgotten. So this link is a lovely way of sharing and remembering some of those magic moments

Running in Lavender

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