About me

Chris and I started our journey on 5th February 2011. It seems like a lifetime ago that we used to only see each other at weekends. A 214 mile each way journey that went so fast on the way there but we felt every mile and more on a Sunday evening.

On 4th February 2012, as close to a year exactly as we could get, we said ‘I Do’ in front of our family and special friends. It was a wonderful, if not eventful, day that we will never forget for a variety of reasons.

And now, almost 4 years on, we have 2 wonderful daughters and our family is complete. Our life isn’t without its problems. Chris has been diagnosed with a condition called Behçets Disease which will change our lives in many ways. But as normal, we will jump each hump as we come to it.

So welcome to our journey. It’s a way for us to document our lives and for our daughters to read in years to come. Feel free to leave a comment if you like, it’s always lovely to hear from people (unless you’re saying something nasty, then please don’t bother).

Happy reading,

Beth xx


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