What Beans and Chips loved….(January 2015)

It’s that time of the month again where I sit back and look over what the girls have loved doing this month. I can’t believe it is already the end of January. 

This year, I thought that I would spruce it up a bit and do a summary of what the girls have been up to during the month as well. I wanted to keep a diary for each of them but i know full well that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it so thought I would include it in here! 

So here goes….

What Beans loved…

Beans has had a fab month. After we got over all of the excitement of Christmas (and found homes for all of the new toys) she’s had a fab time playing with them all. She is getting so good at imaginary play now and enjoys playing on her own. It’s lovely to sit and watch her playing with the Peppa Pig sets she got for Christmas, making them do different things (her favourite is making them go to the coffee shop). She enjoys playing dinosaurs and shops but still adores anything crafty and colouring in related. She adores reading and has now started to read us her favourite stories from the pictures on the page, telling us what is going on! 

Her language is coming on so well and she now speaks in full constructed sentences the majority of the time. It’s wonderful to be able to have conversations with her, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t make me laugh. She’s enjoyed lots of play dates this month, and has recently started going to Jo Jingles at our local children’s centre which she loves. She very much enjoyed the snow we had too. As we managed to get 2 year funding for her she is now going to nursery 3 days a week and she absolutely loves it. She’s developed so much since going, and it is so lovely that she enjoys going and has some little friends (but only boyfriends apparently!!)

So here are just a select few of Beans’ moments this month:

  1. Her cycle helmet from Bumpar and Grandma Viv
  2. Developing her own sense of style…onesie, sunnies and a winter hat. Spot on!
  3. Candle-lit baths (until we replaced the light bulb that is!)
  4. Sewing and making her Mister Maker tiger puppet from Santa
  5. Lovely winter walks at Trentham Gardens
  6. Her new winter hat (the only hat in 2 years she will keep on apart from her cycle helmet)
  7. Hot Chocolates. Her all time favourite thing, this month!! 
What Chips loved…
Chips. My little Chips is now a massive 7 months old. I can’t believe how fast it is going. Before I know it we’ll be planning her first birthday (and my 32nd). She is so close to sitting up but still has that slight imbalance. She is such a little dinker and has only just passed the 15lb mark. Unlike Beans who had plenty of weight to stabilise her, but she’ll get there. She is however, phenomenally frustrated that she cannot move. She rolls front-back and back-front now but gets majorly frustrate when she can’t reach something. It is so lovely to see her relationship blossom with Beans. They adore each other, and Beans can comfort her so easily. She’ll be sobbing her heart out, and one look and word from her sister turns tears to giggles. 

Our biggest milestone this month has been food. Because of her reflux, we started to wean her early but this month we discovered meat and lumps. And boy is she loving it. I’ve been wonderfully organised and have a freezer drawer full of small Chips size portions of lots of yummy carbohydrate bases and ‘proper’ food. One of her big favourites is fish pie! 

So here are Chips’ moments of the month:


  1. Biscuits at Mummy and Daddy’s favourite coffee shop
  2. Cheeky smiles whilst wrapped up warm on winter walks
  3. Cuddles with Aunty Alyx
  4. Banana!
  5. Sitting in a big girl trolley seat for the first time
  6. Just chilling on my flower
  7. Helping Mummy licking the big spoon clean
And so there you have it. January……done! 
What have you all enjoyed this month? 
What Beans and Chips loved is a monthly link up with the lovely Dinky Thinks and her main feature “what Chiplet loved…” 
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Word of the Week – 4/52

This week’s word simply has to be:

I simply cannot believe that it is already Sunday night again. I’m not really sure where the week has gone to be honest. And sitting down, I cannot even think what we’ve done (sign it’s gone far too quickly) 

Monday saw a long overdue catch up with a lovely friend before a fab afternoon at a new Baby Group. I’ve been a bit reluctant with baby groups since Chips was born, for numerous different reasons. But it was fab. Beans really enjoyed Jo Jingles and Chips seemed to as well. 

E went to Nursery on Tuesday but she didn’t end up going on Wednesday due to the snow. There wasn’t a vast amount but we struggled get off the estate and it was so cold we had a lovely jama day instead. 

Thursday I headed over to see Grandma at hospital as we were supposed to be seeing the doctor but he cancelled. She’s still very confused bless her but seems to have been a bit brighter for the last couple of days. It’s so horrible to see her like this though. Fingers crossed she perks up a bit more this week. 

Friday, we went out for lunch and then went to run off some toddler steam at one of our local soft plays. It was so good for her to have a good run around. We had a lovely day on Saturday over at Trentham Gardens, having an annual pass is so nice. Thank you Santa! And today has been all about tidying up and a Sunday roast. 

I think I might try and take next week in a slightly slower gear, but I doubt it will happen!

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Where would you go…

Someone on Twitter asked today “If you had a time machine, where would be the first place you’d stop”.

I know mine. Without a shadow of a doubt I want to go back to before my dear step-dad died and say so many things that went unsaid.
I’d want to tell him how much I loved him, to say thank you for everything he ever did for us without any hesitation. To thank him for how happy he made my Mum, for all the happy memories that we made. To say sorry for all the time I was probably far more difficult than I needed to be.

But there are other things I would want to say. I’d want to tell him to go to the bloody doctors rather than just say “It’ll be ok”. I’d want to ask him to stay around for a bit longer, there are so many more happy memories to be made that he’ll now see in such a different way. I’d want to tell him how life without him just has a massive big void in it that seems completely impossible to fill. And I’d want to tell him that I’ll look after Mum. I can’t do everything but I do what I can. It doesn’t feel like a lot most of the time but it’s the best I can do.

There are other places I would want to visit and decisions I would want to remake. Some small, some big. I’d want to go and visit other people and be that little man on their shoulder that said “Are you sure you want to do that?”

It got me thinking too…

…Where would you go if you had a time machine?

#MyCapturedMoment – 3/52

My Captured Moment – a lovely linky created and hosted by the lovely Heledd at Running in Lavender where you link up some of your favourite photo moments. 

So often in this digital age, photos get stored on cameras, computers and tiny little cards and so many of those magical moments get forgotten. 

This week has been another manic week and I cannot believe it is already Thursday and time to write this weekly blog again. 

Concentrating hard on making Tiger

Helping Mummy. Licking saves washing up!


Throwback Captured Moment 

I don’t remember this photo being taken. It’s me and my Grandad, I was probably around 2ish and it was taken in their back garden in Kent. All k do know about it, is I love this photo…lots! 




Running in Lavender

#MyCapturedMoment – 2/52

It’s been a lovely week this week and I’ve really looked forward to putting this post together. This weeks link up with the lovely Running in Lavender was an easy one. 

This week has had so many of those lovely moments that make you feel warm on the inside. There’s been lovely sisterly moments and lovely fantastic family times. Winter walks in the cold winter sun and warm moments at home. It’s been a tough week in some aspects but in others it’s been truly perfect. 

Throwback Captured Moment

I was around about 3 when this photo was taken. It’s a photo that I love as it brings back such lovely memories. It was my first school photo if you like and was taken at nursery. There is another photo with my Mum, taken about am hour earlier. She was a teacher at the same school where I went to nursery. And in that photo, I am in floods of tears, petrified of the whole set up. What should have been a lovely photo, is my sat with puffy red eyes and tear stained cheeks, yet this one is of a happy smiley little girl. You wouldn’t even believe it was the same little girl really!

1st Nursery Photo (Aged 3ish – 1986)


Running in Lavender

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Word of the Week – 3/52

This week’s word has to be



I cannot believe that it is already Friday night and half way through January.

We’ve had Mr F home this week which has been lovely but it’s been a mixture of hospital visits, appointments and looking after the girls. There was even a cheeky McDonalds for dinner the other night as there was simply no time to cook dinner before bed. 

Grandma still isn’t very well and is still in hospital. It’s so horrible seeing her so poorly and it being totally out of your control. The doctors and nurses however are fantastic. She’s on a specialist care of the elderly ward and they are so kind, caring and patient with them all. It’s so hard when you have to juggle the children and going to see her. But I’m doing my best and doing as much as I can to support Mum. Part of helping us making sure that Grandad has enough dinners. He’s doing brilliantly at home on his own, so I just make an extra portion of what we are having every night.

In other news, the path we are treading is now in HD. I went to have my eyes tested this week and was amazed at how much my prescription has changed. I’ve now got my funky new glasses which I have got to wear all the time (I’m going to pluck up the courage to get lenses me thinks) and the world is now so much clearer!

I hope you’ve all had good weeks. What word would you use to sum up your week?

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MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter (review)

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the team at MeasuPro to test out the new Pulse Oximeter.
As someone who really enjoys stuff like that, and would quite happily live on the set of casualty, I jumped at the chance.

The oximeter came direct from Amazon and was packaged to a high standard. The oximeter itself is boxed with a carry case, instruction leaflet, useful lanyard and, to my surprise, batteries for immediate use!


And now for the useful bit, does it work. Just as in hospital, you put the pulse Oximeter on your finger. There is a fantastic, easy to read display that has 6 different settings dependent on what position you want it.

The product will tell you your oxygen saturation level and also your pulse. I did find it varied between fingers.

I was exceptionally impressed that it works on the children. E is 2 and it works on her finger, G is 6 months and it works on her toe. Something I didn’t expect it to do.

As a product, it’s fantastic. I’ve used it lots recently to check my O2 levels during an asthma attack or two and whilst exercising. It’s also portable which is very handy.

The only problem I found was the communication from the company. I’ve sent a couple of emails and had no reply which is rather disappointing.

On the whole though, I’d definitely recommend the product, just hope you don’t need to contact the company.

The MeasuPro Pulse Oximeter is currently retailing on Amazon for £22.95 with free delivery on orders over £10.
All prices were correct at time of publish.
I was sent this product for free by MeasuPro for the purpose of the review. All words, opinions and pictures are my own and have not been influenced in anyway.

Word of the Week – 2/52

The word for this week is hectic. I could have picked a few words but this is probably the most appropriate. 

Grandma got taken in hospital on Saturday so the afternoon was sent in A&E as opposed to gin tasting. The gin would have been a far nicer option but sadly needs must. It’s been a difficult week for her and thankfully, a week on she is a bit brighter. Still struggling with the eating and drinking, has picked up a chest infection but not doing too badly. 

The week has been spent looking after my little ladies, trying to keep them entertained and enjoying time with Mum. We’ve had a couple of nice lunches out with Grandad who is doing really well on his own. 

More visiting has taken place this weekend, a bit of delayed sales shopping, and a yummy curry has finished the week off nicely. 

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#MyCapturedMoment – 1/52

In this day and age, and the wonderful world of smart phones and digital cameras, sometimes it’s hard to look back at photos. We take so many, upload them to the computer and they just sit there. How many of us actually print lots out and put them in those good old fashioned things called albums?

One of my favourite things to do when I go to Mum’s House is to get the albums out and look at old pictures of me and my sister when we were little. They always bring back such happy memories.

So, I’ve decided to link up with Running in Lavender and #MyCapturedMoment to share one (or a few moments) from the last week that are special or just pictures I love. In a little twist on here, I am also going to pick an old photo from an album and share that too. A throwback captured moment if you like.


1. A tender sisterly moment

2. Daddy & Chips selfie


Throwback Captured Moment

Whenever I see this photo, it never fails to make me smile and it brings back such wonderful memories. We were on holiday in Lido Estensi, Italy and it was a fantastic holiday. There are so many brilliant moments from that holiday but here, I had decided it might be quite fun to be air hostess when I grew up, so I was trying to walk whilst balancing a tray of water on my head. Suffice to say, I never made it into a career in air travel or stayed dry for that long!!! 

Throwback Moment: Italy 1994 (aged 11)


Running in Lavender

Dear Beans…

Dearest EllieBeans,

You’re 2! A big whole 2 and Mummy can’t quite believe where the time has gone. It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since we met you for the first time, never mind 2 years.

And what a 2 years it has been. You are growing into the most lovely little girl and you make us all smile and laugh every single day.

This last year, you became a big sister to Chips. She loves you so much and you are a lovely big sister. You help us with her and when you play with her, you really know how to make her laugh. It’s lovely to watch your relationship grow. I just know you are going to be brilliant friends when you are bigger.

You are really speaking now and talking well (and all the time). It’s lovely to be able to have conversations with you, and we do have some funny ones. You know how to express your feelings and can tell us what you want and if you are poorly. And one thing I will say, you certainly know your own mind Beans.

You got to Nursery 2 days a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday and you love going. You have so much fun when you are there and often bring back things to put on our art wall. You eat them out of house and home, just like you do here. You are such a sociable little lady and love playing with your friends.

We had a rough year this year but you helped us through. You made us smile and laugh when we wanted to cry. It’s wonderful having you around and we have so much fun. We do lots of colouring in, jigsaws and playing outside.

So here’s your stats for this year, on your second birthday:

Height: 93cm
Weight: 28lb 13oz
Favourite Toy: Farley
Favourite activity: Playing outside
Favourite TV Programme: Bing!
Best Friend: Esme and Layla
Holidays: Talacre

Some facts on your 2nd Birthday:

A pint of milk cost 45p
A loaf of bread cost £1.25
The prime minister was David Cameron
Number one in the music charts was Union J – You Got It