World Book Day 2015

I’m going to be honest. When we got the note home from Nursery about World Book Day I got excited. I know, daft. But it was our first real dressing up and I got excited at the thought of getting my craft on. 

Then I thought about it. What the bloody chuff am I going to create. She’s little. She moves, all the bloody time. She also isn’t an overly girly girl. That’s probably my fault, because I’m not. She gets fed up of the fairy wings after a couple of minutes, and give her a wand and you are likely to lose an eye! 

One of her favourite books to read, apart from The Gruffalo, is Cinderella. We have a rhyming version with the same passage at the end of every page that she always reads to me. So, with a bit of a discussion with Mum, Cinders was the option. 

And we decided to go for cinders, because above anything else, the costume was fairly easy! 

I got a brown pillow case, cut a head hole and some arm holes. Ragged it up a bit, dabbed it with a used but still damp teabag for some stains and then cut up an old t-shirt for some patches. With a white t-shirt and white tights, outfit done. Simples. 

To finish the look, I used an old cardigan belt for a belt, and put in a duster, jay cloth and she took her dustpan and brush as well. I tried to mess her hair up a bit but no amount of mousse or gel was holding it so gave up. Some black eyeshadow for a bit of dirt and job done! 

Primarily, Beans loved it and that was the most important thing. She thought she looked like a princess and I’m happy with that. I asked her who she was and she kept calling herself cinderbella which was very cute! 

I did get my World Book Day vibe crushed a bit on taking her into nursery. 

Not many of the children had dressed up, and the ones who had were predominantly shop brought. I’ve got no problem with that but it was nice to make something, especially as it was fairly simple to do! 

So, thinking cap is already on for next year! 

Did you or your little ones dress up for World Book Day?